District Election Officer


National Voter’s Day 2024

Date: 25/01/2024 – 25/01/2024

The significance of National Voters’ Day is to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. It is a day to celebrate the right to vote and vibrant democracy of India. Through National Voters’ Day, the Election Commission’s objective is to increase enrollment of voters, especially of the newly eligible ones.

DEO Message

District Election Officer (DEO) – supervises the election work of a district. Returning Officer (RO) – of a parliamentary or assembly constituency is responsible for the conduct of elections in the parliamentary or assembly constituency .Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)- is responsible for the preparation of electoral rolls for a parliamentary / assembly constituency. Presiding Officer – The Presiding Officer with the assistance of polling officers conducts the poll at a polling station. Observer – the Election Commission of India nominates officers of Government as Observers (General Observers and Election Expenditure Observers) for parliamentary and assembly constituencies. They perform such functions as are entrusted to them by the Commission.

Assembly Constituency Name and Number Total Polling Station EP Ratio Gender Ratio Age Cohort (18 -19 )
277-Katehari 425 64.48 905 0.23
278-Tanda 339 60.42 906 0.20
279-Alapur (SC ) 370 64.62 915 0.20
280-Jalalpur 415 61.81 910 0.20
281-Akbarpur 350 62.35 912 0.28