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Jalalpur Tehsil

General Information

Jalalpur is a city and a municipal board in Ambedkar Nagar district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Jalalpur has an average elevation of 118 metres (387 feet). Tons is the river on which banks jalalpur is situated,this river passes via Azamgarh before merging with Saryu river. It is 220 km from is 7 km from kanidpur.

Local Handicrafts

Jalalpur is famous for handloom weaving. Earlier most households had a hand loom installed in their houses. The common items woven were lungi (Indian Sarong like wraparound) and gamcha (thin towels). These used to be supplied to wholesale buyers in the township who would then send them to the Indian markets . Now most of the hand looms have been replaced by power looms..

The district has one sugar factory called the Akbarpur Sugar Mill, which is situated near Mijhaura, about ten kilometres from the district headquarters. Many rice mills are present in Akbarpur. There is a power and distribution transformer manufacturing industry named Achal Electricals situated on Dostpur road.


Jalalpur lies on the banks of the river Tons. There is a new bridge over the river now providing all weather transport. Jalalpur is also known by world famous Urdu poets (known as shayers) like Irfan Jalalpuri, Anwar jalalpuri, Fakhir jalalpuri, Zafar jalalpuri, late jaffer jalalpuri, Nayyar Jalalpuri, Zulfeqar Jalalpuri,Asrar Ahmad(Purwa Rannu Khan), Zahid Jaferi etc. Nayyar Jalalpuri is a lecturer in Lucknow University Lucknow, most popular nauha khwan of India Aamir recites his nauhas and salaams. Zulfeqar Jalalpuri is very famous for nauhas and salaams(his masterpeice is "18 bhaaion ki bahen qaid ho gyi"), most of the anjumans recite his nauhas and salaams and a very famous nauha khwan of Pakistan Syeda Amber Naqvi recites his kalaam, he is a teacher in Maktab Imamia Kareempur(Nagpur,Jalalpur).

Nowadays, a youth poet of jalalpur, Hashim Raza Jalalpuri is getting fame, who is currently pursuing Masters in Technology from Z.H.C.E.T. Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. These poets travel all over northern India, and occasionally further afield to rest of India, taking part in Mushairas and mehfils which are meetings where poets read aloud their compositions to the public. Mushairas are an integral part of Urdu culture - and are frequently held in Jalalpur itself during summer. Jalalpur is an apt example of the Ganga-Jamuni culture of Avadh where Hindu and Muslim culture are intertwined. Jalalpur near Kandipur well Educated Syed Population very fammous for Nauhas and salamms (recited in Moharram) also fammous 25 Moharram in Kandipur ( Taboot e Imam Zain Ul Abdeen a.s) also 8th Moharram in Kandipur.


Jalalpur has a more prominent profile in the states politics than most other similarly populated towns. In Uttar Pradesh assemblies, Jalalpur sent the lone Communist Party of India (Marxist) MLA to the state assembly. This was more due the high regard the local population had of the candidate rather than communistic leanings in the population. Due to this, in the subsequent election, the CPI(M) unleashed all its big guns on this out of the way seat in an effort to retain it. The whole town appears to be over run by her supporters from all around.


Jalalpur Town has several educational facilities such as Govt. Girls Inter College, Special Branch for Women higher education.The Radiant College is situated in the heart of Jalalpur which is unique in its way of teaching and first school of CBSE (New Delhi) Board. The Narendra Dev Inter College is a very famous college of this area.

There are many more Inter colleges in towns such as karamatiya darul faiz(oldest school) Amar Gandhi Kanya Inter College, Jafaria Inter College, Jafaria Girls Inter College etc. Another school is the Masood Akhtar Inter College, Mirza Galib Inter college, Madarsa Nedaye haque, Maktab Imamaia & Jamia kareempur(nagpur), Maktab Jafaria jafrabad, Madarsa Tajul Makatib Mustafabad, Madarsa Islamia Faizul Uloom, Karamatia Juniar High School.

In a recent development towards its educational progress, Mahamaya Rajkiya Allopathic Medical College to the people of Ambedkar Nagar. It has started functioning with basic facilities and infrastructure with more advanced facilities in progress.

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